About our Conference's Co-sponsor: The Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association

ECSA is the co-sponsor of the Federation's upcoming conference in Florida. In the fall of 1992 the Federation co-sponsored ECSA's symposium in Plymouth, UK. In 1996 the ECSA symposium in Middelberg, the Netherlands was also cosponsored by the Federation. We are honored to have ECSA join us on this side of the Atlantic for the first time.

ECSA is an academic organization, with a worldwide membership, which promotes research and study of all aspects of estuarine and coastal regions. The Association was founded in 1971, as the Estuarine and Brackish-Water Biological Association, to promote production and dissemination of scientific knowledge and understanding of estuaries and coastal waters, in order to encourage resource management for the public benefit.

The Association has been instrumental in the publishing of Handbooks of Methodology for Estuarine Studies, and Synopses of the British and European Fauna, which are available to members at reduced rates. The Association has an associated journal Estuarine and Coastal Shelf Science, which is also available at greatly reduced rates to members.

  • The ECSA Bulletin contains useful information on meetings, reviews and news and is distributed to all members, three times a year.
  • The Association has a small grants scheme to support estuarine research and to help ECSA student members making presentations at the Association's meetings and workshops.
  • The Association holds local meetings, where work relevant to one specific estuary or coastal area is presented, and annual international symposia. Please see the following list of upcoming meetings.

2002 ECSA 33 July 2002 at University of Hull, UK
Estuarine and Lagoon Fish Fisheries
in association with the Fisheries Society of the British Isles
July 2002 at Hull University
Contact: Mike Elliott
Email: m.elliott@biosci.hull.ac.uk

2002 ECSA 34 15-20 September 2002 in Gdansk-Sopot, Poland
Estuarine and Other Brackish Areas - Pollution Barriers or Sources to the Sea?
Contact: Kowalewska@iopan.gda.pl
Home page: http://www.iopan.gda.pl/ecsa

UK Local Meeting - Easter 2002
Estuaries and Coasts of the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland
Contact: Andrew Wither
Email: andrew.wither@environment-agency.gov.uk

For further information contact:
Dr Mike Elliott, ECSA Secretary
Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Hull, Hull, HU6 7RX, UK

Membership information:
Dr Peter Head, ECSA Membership Treasurer
North West Water Ltd. Dawson House, Great Sankey, Warrington, WA5 3LW, UK

This information is found on ECSA's web site. Please visit ECSA's web site at http://www.ecsa.ac.uk for more information.