Resources for Students

The following links provide information on career, and networking opportunities available for students, and CEReFs provide sources of information on a variety of topics in estuarine science. We hope you find these pages helpful as you progress in your education. We are always looking for ways to improve our outreach methods, so please let us know your thoughts and get involved!

Sources of Information
CERF-Lit: Key Literature on Numerous Topics in Estuarine Science
Coastal and Estuarine Science News
Estuaries and Coasts Journal
LIST-CERF: CERF Discussion Group
Study Programs for Estuaries and Coasts
Summer Courses/Workshops
Summer Programs
Other Workshops
Other Online Resources
CERF-Jobs - Jobs, Fellowships, Grants
Get Involved!
CERF Meetings and CERF Cosponsored Meetings
Regional CERF Affiliate Society Meetings